Macel Saddles Distributor UK

MACEL 100% made in France

The Macel saddles, particularly the Samba dressage saddle, are beautiful, functional works of art. The Samba is currently the only dressage saddle on the market that truly allows a rider to find and develop a true neutral seat.

We have two Macel saddles for our regular customers to hire along with the lorry to make clinics and competitions more productive for rider and horse beginning with the Samba dressage and Rafale jump saddles. Both saddles are recommended by Jean Luc Cornille of Science Of Motion.

We take demo saddles to Science of Motion clinics, you may try one in a lesson. We currently have two Samba and one Rafale SOM saddle.

We will also bring saddles for demonstration to to your yard if based in Wiltshire .

Are you interested?

Please contact us through email, facebook or by telephone. See our contact page.

MACEL’s website in France
Samba dressage saddle
Rafale jump saddle